Our Pope has accepted the world wide web as way to get our word out that includes, Facebook, podcasts and videos.


Immaculate Heart Radio: Catholic Programming

Immaculate Heart Radio: ARCHIVED Catholic Programming



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Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Its mission statement explains its purpose: Catholic Answers is an apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world. We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith.


Immaculate Heart Radio

Immaculate Heart Radio is a non-profit lay apostolate that operates a growing network of Catholic radio stations in the West. We are dedicated to sharing the heart of the Christian faithand changing lives through radio airwaves.


The Vatican


American Catholic


Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, VT


Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, VT – Pray for a Priest


Vermont Catholic Masses – Weekend Mass Schedule


Vermont Catholic Tribune


Vermont Catholic Schools


Minute Meditations


Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Catholic Devotions



Right Here Right Now / Patrick Madrid  < click to listen – Once on NEW PAGE scroll down to see list.>

A Call in Show, Catholic Question and Answers Show. A fast-paced, interactive show about all the things that really matter in life.  Your questions, your comments and lively discussions.  888-701-5992 1-2pm Pacific.

Catholic Answers Live / Patrick Coffin

Catholic Answers Live is a daily LIVE call-in program designed to offer Catholics and non-Catholics alike an opportunity to hear from and talk with some of the leading apologists and theologians in the Church today. Hosted by Patrick Coffin.


How to Confront Anti-Catholism

Catholic Answers Director of Apologetics and Evangelization Tim Staples answers a caller who asks what we can do to counter attacks on the Catholic Church.

What Did Jesus Say About the End of the World

As a response to widespread concern about the Last Days, Catholic Answers is proud to announce the release of David Currie’s newest book, What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World.