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Chris Micale Ordination

Chris Micale Ordination

THE PRIESTLY ORDINATION OF FATHER CHRISTOPHER MICALE Father Christopher Micale, a man from Woodstock and Our Lady of the Snows Parish, was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 31. His Excellency, Salvatore R. Matano, Bishop of Rochester, NY, performed the ordination at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral in Burlington, Vermont. (Father) Micale is the first priestly vocation from this parish since our founding in 1856. Ad multos annos,...


As I leave for Sabbatical on January 9th, I look forward to the opportunity to spend time studying, praying and resting in Rome along with twenty-four other priests from around the world. I will be away for all of Lent, returning just after Easter, so I offer a few thoughts on these holy seasons for your contemplation.


Many people feel a sense of dread when Lent approaches, thinking only of the penances to be performed and the little pleasure to be foregone, “giving up” something for Lent. Perhaps if one were to reconsider the preposition following the word “giving”, new insights would make this a season of quiet renewal.

One could think of “giving up” as lifting up to heaven anything that is displeasing to God, or that keeps me from spiritual growth. Brought to the Cross of Christ, so essential an element of the Lenten season, these things could, by prayer, be redeemed by the grace of the Cross. One might think further of “giving in” to that tug of the heart which desires prayer, even though our lives are so filled with many other things. Make some extra time for prayer this season, and don’t let the pressures of modern life take this away from you. “Giving to” would entail works of mercy and self-sacrifice, perhaps a little more given to the poor as alms, or giving a bit more attention to the people God sends to us in everyday life, whom we sometimes find burdensome.These would help to fulfill the threefold invitation from Our Lord in the Ash Wednesday Readings of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in a realistic manner.

Holy Week

I will be on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land during Holy Week, so observance of the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday) will have to be done elsewhere. You might think of traveling to Saint Denis Church in Hanover. As I write this, their schedule is not yet set, so I recommend that you visit their website at www.saintdenisparish.org.


Easter is, of course, the central Feast of the Liturgical Year. (The date is early this year: March 27th.) The story of Our Lord’s Resurrection is centered in the discovery of the empty tomb. At first, there is some confusion, but following the Lord’s appearance to St. Mary Magdalene, the message is quite clear: the power of God the Father surpasses the power of evil and death, to bring life to every human experience, especially to those of deep faith.

The challenge for us in our time is to live the message of the Resurrection: “The Lord lives!” Our lived faith should show people that the Church is not an empty tomb, but a dynamic proclamation of Christ’s presence in the Church, and, through the Church, to the world.

I wish you a profitable Lenten experience and a joyful Easter. Resurrexit sicut dixit! Alleluia!”

father-signatureVery Reverend Thomas Mosher VF, Pastor



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