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Chris Micale Ordination

Chris Micale Ordination

THE PRIESTLY ORDINATION OF FATHER CHRISTOPHER MICALE Father Christopher Micale, a man from Woodstock and Our Lady of the Snows Parish, was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 31. His Excellency, Salvatore R. Matano, Bishop of Rochester, NY, performed the ordination at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral in Burlington, Vermont. (Father) Micale is the first priestly vocation from this parish since our founding in 1856. Ad multos annos,...


As your pastor, I leave you these words from a sermon of St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the Assumption of Mary.

There is nothing that pleases me more, and nothing that terrifies me more than to preach on the glory of the Virgin Mary. For, see, if I praise her virginity, I see that there are many who have offered themselves as virgins after her. If I preach on her humility, we will find, perhaps, even a few who, taught by her Son, have become meek and humble of heart. If I want to proclaim the greatness of her mercy, there are also some very merciful men and women. There is, however, one thing in which she does not have someone like her, before or after, and that is her joining the joy of motherhood with the honor of virginity. This is Mary’s privilege, and it is not given to another: it is unique, and it is also something that words cannot perfectly describe.

Nevertheless, if you pay attention closely, you will find not only this one virtue, but even other singular virtues in Mary, which she only seems to share with others. For can one even compare the purity of the angels to that spotless virginity which was found worthy to become the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit and dwelling place of the Son of God? How great and how precious was her humility, together with such perfect innocence, such wisdom without fault, and such a fullness of grace? How did you obtain such meekness, O Blessed Woman, such great humility? You are indeed worthy, whom the Lord considered carefully, whose beauty the King desired, on whose lap with its sweetest fragrance the eternal Father was brought to rest.

Behold, with these acts of devotion we have meditated on your ascension to your Son, and we have followed you as though from a distance, O Blessed Virgin. Let the grace of your mercy, the favor that you found with God, be made known to the world: may your prayers obtain mercy for the condemned, remedy for the sick, strength of heart for the lowly, consolation for the afflicted, aid for those in peril, and freedom for your holy ones. And on this day of celebration and gladness, may Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, through thee, O merciful Queen, pour out the gifts of His grace upon all those who invoke the sweetest name of Mary with praise, for He is the God of all things. blessed unto all ages. Amen.


Reverend Michael Augustinowitz, Pastor



Our Lady of the Mountains(Killington)
– Saturday Mass: 4:30 pm

Our Lady of the Snows
– Saturday Mass: 6 pm
– Sunday Mass: 10:30 am


Our Lady of the Snows
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-Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8
  Our Lady of the Snows
-6:00pm, Dec. 7

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Our Lady of the Snows: 4:00pm
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Our Lady of the Snows: 10:00am

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Our Lady of the Snows: 4:00pm
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Our Lady of the Snows:10:00am

The Rosary is recited in
honor of Our Lady after 
weekday Mass at Our Lady of the Snows.
During Lent, the Stations of the Cross will be said after Friday Mass and on Fridays at 6 pm.

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